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The Probus Group Inc. commits to bringing high quality production and entertainment on a world-wide platform. We do this by launching the best production across all platforms and facets with the most talented individuals. The Probus Group Inc. also incorporates management of talent to introduce and offer opportunities based on the company’s content creation and distribution. In addition, is will to join ventures with talented, hardworking, and start-up companies.

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Catering + Cafe + Craft Service Bar

Production Catering redefined with in-studio catering, cafe, and craft service. Crew eats best when #ThunderCaters (follow along on IG)! 2021 Weekly Menu

Grip + Electric

Thunder provides best-in-class service through our supplier network to ensure your order is complete, on time and fully operational upon your arrival.

Expendables + Production Supplies

Expendables Safety, Video Villages, Client Lounge, H/MU and Green Room staging in a pinch. Our expendables include everything from P.P.E. (personal protection

Overhead Lightboxes

We own and operate the area’s premier collection of overhead lightboxes and flying flats, including the largest pre-installed lightbox in the world.

Automotive Turntable

Located in Stage 2, our ground-level turntable is 21’ in diameter, rotates a full 360 degrees and elevates up to 48” high.

Production Services

Edit bays, cameras, glass, skilled operators and a team of specialists can all help bring your project to life. From pre-pro and

Thunder Mobile and Broadcast Services

Thunder Studios Broadcasting offers broadcast services at our studios. No production is too small or too big for our broadcast team.

Live Broadcast Studio

Live Broadcast Studio’s (LBS) empowers live stream gamers by dramatically enhancing their live streaming content capabilities through patented live digital compositing and

The Probus Group Inc.

A Long Beach, California Based Entertainment and Media Content Producing Company

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