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Michael Rueda

Executive Chief

Michael Rueda has the assignment of Executive Chief for Probus Group Inc. where he has the clear vision to the established mission because he has been there from the company’s initial start to currently. He is in charge of making sure production is running on point, he oversees Probus INC Executive Committee, assists with recruiting new boxers, and brings in talent from the music industry as well as Chefs from the culinary industry. His ability to multitask allows him to monitor the diverse projects at flow to make sure they are executed with the right team.

He comes from an experienced background as a former certified Surgical Technologist, a Realtor, and a Photographer that brings a unique perspective to Probus Group Inc. Michael strives from his ethical work values to provide the best team leadership skills with honesty. In addition, he has the knowledge of working in hospitality where he spent thirty (30) years developing strong and dexterous social skills, that enabled him to adapt to an array of diverse settings. When he is not at work he is looking into the real estate market to help people find their dream home.

Michael is from El Paso, Texas and is a very family orientated individual. His motivation comes from his loving family: Armando Rueda (father) Mari Elena Rueda (mother), Adrian Rueda (brother), Erika Rueda (Sister), and his daughter Amari Alexus Star Rueda. He follows his dreams and works strategically to get there with the notion that he needs to provide for his family and the less fortunate. On his spare time, he ventures into painting, photography, watch a good boxing match, or a marathon. He believes he is a late bloomer and says, “my flower is about to open, like an expensive perfume; like those in ‘Saks Fifth Avenue”. Michaels adaptive personality creates a diverse ambient within Probus Group Inc. and attracts good energy to the company.

The Probus Group Inc.

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