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Jaime Llano Medina

Vice President of Development

Jaime Llano Medina is the Vice President of Development for The Probus Group Inc. since 2020. His main function is to make the ideas and projects generated in The Probus Group Inc. come true, for the satisfaction of the audiences, through audiovisual content from quality, which contribute to the entertainment and values ​​of people’s daily lives. It focuses on offering the best product to audiences, so that Probus is the leader in the creation and dissemination of content, both in Spanish and for mainstream. Jaime’s objective is to reach a wide and faithful audience, which benefits sponsors and / or investors.

He was born in Mexico City, which prepared him to fight intensely, competing among 20 million inhabitants. His obsession is to put ideas in common, ideas that contribute to good living and that awaken a sense of belonging, with shared values ​​among the communities. He has a great passion and an innate interest in the efforts of migrant communities to create a country of freedom like the United States. This passion drives him to work with us. Jaime is a graduate of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México, his career has given him the opportunity to collaborate in the production of the program with the largest audience on Spanish-language television worldwide, Chespirito, as Associate Producer.

Additionally, Jaime Llano M. has lived experiences as Producer and General Director. He produced Ritmo Vital, an aerobics program with first ratings on A.L. and that was broadcast in the United States and Europe. In addition, Tapatías Nights, International Mariachi Festivals, massive concerts with Luciano Pavarotti, Fernando Carreras, Paco de Lucía, Rocío Durcal and Vicente Fernández among others. In his role as Business Executive, he served as Director of Operations and Production of Televisa de Occidente, was General Director of MVS Occidente, General Director of TV Azteca central region and of Channel 8 of Grupo Hevi, the third party’s own production channel. cable television network in Mexico.

What motivates Jaime is the security of being alive in the full sense of the word. He enjoys his four (4) daughters, beautiful, strong and independent, who every day are an example of life for him. He tries to maintain a healthy physique and mind, jogs and nothing as much as he can and has as a goal to finish a triathlon again, which he could still do five (5) years ago. His favorite hobby is working on a novel, which he wants to publish in mid-2021. He comments: “I am grateful to God for all the opportunities to serve people, giving them content beyond entertainment.” A funny anecdote from his career is when he is asked for his autograph, mistaking him for Sean Conery, something that lifts his spirits a lot.

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