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Ernesto Avina

Operations Manager

Ernesto Avina is the Operations Manager for The Probus Group Inc. (TPGI). He is in charge of managing projects, contract negotiations, financial advisory, and handling logistics. As former Senior Director of Operations for Huffy Bikes, he gained extensive work experience in management and nationwide distribution. This journey has enabled him to execute his work with great detail and brings a solid business perspective to TPGI.

Ernesto has many accomplishments but those that standout within the workforce is the recognition of Vendor of the Year for Walmart and the Lightning Bolt award from Huffy Bikes both awards are for his hard work and providing excellent operational solutions. He enjoys building and developing teams to achieve a successful company and consumers’ satisfaction. Ernesto has also invested and started several companies that have placed him in the workforce as an entrepreneur. Currently, he owns a kickboxing/weight loss gym in the city of San Pedro, California. These experiences are what Ernesto brings to The Probus Group Inc. success; his operational and entrepreneur knowledge for growth.

Ernesto is originally from Fullerton, California and his nationality is from Mexican decedent. His parents are from Jalisco and it is a place he loves to visit. He comes from a large family, two sisters and four brothers. Ernie likes sports and among his favorites is basketball, baseball, golf, kickboxing, weightlifting, and hiking nonetheless he enjoys traveling and eating too. Ernesto expressed what motivates him to strive for success, he said, “Knowing that I have been blessed with another day.”

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