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Jose Vasquez is the Executive Director for Probus Group Inc. he oversees the boxing division and business functions of Probus Group Inc. where he executes his expertise in the field based on his twenty-five (25) year experience as a Boxing Manager/Promoter. His business qualities come from the successful businesses he has generated throughout his life time. Jose’s specialty in the boxing arena brings a discipline attained to ensure adherence of the organization’s daily and long-term goals. In the business aspect, he forges and maintains relations of trust shareholders, partners, and external prospects. Where both aspects of boxing and business combined allow him to pursuing his defined ideas and accomplishing his career goals.

What Jose brings to Probus Group Inc. is his proficiency in directing a business into a prosperous venture. His notion comes from his accomplishments acquired at the of age eighteen (18) when he bought his first home. At age twenty-five (25) he started his first business and by the age of thirty (30) ventured into his second business where he achieved his first military business contract. Currently, his private business, CNC Machining company, has successful contracts with well-known companies like: Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Boeing Aircraft etc. He is well known to multitask and meticulously select projects with great potential. Jose’s experience gears Probus Group Inc. to develop and implement strategies aiming to bring in business.

Jose’s defined ideas were acquired when he himself was a boxer at a young age and most of his career goals have been inspired from his perspective of life base on his life experiences. It is significantly important to be the role model and help those with the drive to achieve “The American Dream”. Fortunately, his lifestyle allows him to help other achieve their goals, spend his leisure time playing the guitar and occasionally hunting, and provide family time. When given the opportunity he will venture into progressive business opportunities to establish a better future for his daily motivations, his children.

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